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How to Disable Shorts On YouTube?

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  • How to Disable Shorts On YouTube?

    Like Instagram reels, Youtube shorts have become increasingly popular. But not everyone is a fan of shorts. There are some users who find them distracting while browsing the platform. If you are also one of them then come to our post. Here we have shared some workaround that can help you to disable shorts in youtube.
    • Adjust your Youtube Settings
    • Mark Youtube as "Not Interested
    • Use Youtube in browser
    • remove youtube shorts from the desktop using extension
    • Downgrade the Youtube app
    • Sideloading its older version
    • Use Youtube Vanced

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    Monetizing YouTube shorts poses its challenges. Understanding the algorithm, meeting criteria, and staying updated with trends are essential. Failing to align with trends may hinder revenue generation. First of all, you need to understand how much youtube shorts pay and how to make your videos more popular.
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